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  HP CEO Weiss Pratt said:" the success of twenty-first Century enterprises, will be those organizations that try to develop, storage and balance employees' knowledge ".

  Now, enterprises are facing the challenges of globalization, new technology, cost control, change management. The enterprise wants to develop new phase, is bound to put forward higher requirements to employees' quality , thus, the training work is imperative.

    Some companies worry about after training, staff ask more for a raise or leave, and lack the enthusiasm for training. This is actually a shortage of knowledge, and the only result of this is staff’s level remains at a lower level. Aspirant staff choose to leave because of the absence of the space that can develop .In the course of time, mediocrity stay only.

    The success of the enterprise is not the deification of an entrepreneur, nor has the management team that can be proud of , it depends on a large number of talents and various staff in each position to make progress. The responsibility of the enterprise is not so simple as confined to the profit , but to build a platform for staff , allowing employees to creating a happy life stage. As long as creating a good platform for staff, they will strive to do the best.

    Kejia are relying on the advanced concept, actively training each employee, so that they can learn not only the superb skills, but also cultivate good occupation qualities. In the training principle of strict demands, flexible deployment, and the survival of the fittest, this can reserve sufficient talents for the company’s development, provide first-class operation venue for staff’s development, and also make their own contribution to the society and company, thus gaining all win among individuals, enterprises, and the society.

    With the principle of "people-oriented, education-oriented, Kejia pays attention to staff’s development by holding diversity training sessions regularly, from the safety consciousness, quality consciousness to the professional and technical skills, social etiquette, occupation development plans and other aspects of the systematic trainings, which plays a good role.

    Hope that every employee of Kejia, can become excellent talents who have both ability and political integrity -- and can struggle with the company and develop together !

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